Korean Food @ Dubu Dubu, MidValley Megamall, KL


Baby Sumo

On one of our recent trips to MidValley, I asked Baby C if she wanted to go to her usual "Japanese spot" for lunch. I was surprised when she told me that she wanted to try something new. I asked her if Korean food was okay, and she said "yes", so we decided to try Dubu Dubu SeOUL Food Restaurant.

Dubu Dubu is a casual Korean restaurant, with outlets in MidValley and 1Utama only. There are 2 LCD screen TVs on the wall, whereby Korean pop songs and videos are shown. Dubu translates to "tofu" and they strive to serve Seoul favorites.

We browsed through the menu and Baby C spotted chicken wings and asked if she could have that. I ordered two sets for us to share - a Dolsot Bibimbap set with beef (RM17.90) and Korean spicy wings set (RM17.90). Each set comes with 3 types of ban chan and a seaweed soup. The kids also shared a roasted barley tea (RM3.50 - refillable).

The dolsot bibimbap was quite tasty, with ample amount of ingredients such as julienned carrot, corn, seaweed, cabbage, kimchi and raw egg. You can either have it with chicken or beef, and I opted for the latter. However, towards the end of the meal I was dismayed to find that the sides of the bowl actually scrapes off when I tried to get the crispy bits of rice off the bowl. I ended up eating a fair bit of "stone" from the stone bowl. I made the manager aware of this, hopefully they will replace any bowls with too much wear and tear. The ban chan was alright, though the colour was quite dull - usually in Korean restaurants the ban chan are quite vivid in colour, which makes it more appetizing for the diners.​


The Korean spicy wings set was definitely much better. It was served with a bowl of brown rice, which the kids actually liked eating with the soup. The chicken wings were not too spicy and flavoursome, Baby C ate the meat inside and gave me the spicy chicken skin :p There were 6 portions of wings, so this was pretty good value for money.

Nice wings

Healthy brown rice

Korean pop stars

Verdict: The dining experience would have been better if I didn't find bits of "stone" in my food.


Price: Total bill RM39.

Location: Dubu Dubu Seoul Food, LG048, Lower Ground Floor, MidValley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2287 8980

Website: http://www.dubudubu.com.my