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Online Business School has partnered with GEMS to launch UK Undergraduate and Postgraduate qualifications in Iran
We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Global Education Management Solutions (GEMS) which has enabled us to launch our online learning programmes in Iran.

Along with Undergraduate study programmes the Online Business School also provides affordable Postgraduate diploma courses with exclusive online modules fast tracking learners to a university qualification. All learning activities, materials and content are provided online using modern delivery models to make learning more engaging and cost-effective. On completion of a course, the student will gain university credits to then “top up” at one of OBS’s UK University partners, which include but are not limited to the University of Derby and University of Sunderland.

“We have been excited by the potential of the Iran student market for some time,” said John Holden, ?Managing Director at Online Business School. “We know there are high quality students with first class education backgrounds and this linkage will allow students some great options to develop their skills.”

At Online Business School, we believe in making education accessible for all irrespective of where you are in the world. With online learning, there are no geographical limitations or time constraints as the programmes are always readily available on any online device. As such, we have delivered online university pathway programmes with full Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Awards to learners from all corners of the world.

“This is a great opportunity for Iranians to obtain internationally recognised qualifications from world class institutions at a quarter of the cost of face-to-face delivery,” added Dr Amir Saadati, Executive Director of GEMS. “It is also a chance for Iranian academic institutions to partner with us in order to attract international students to their institutions, raising the profile of education in Iran.”

One such institution who has partnered with GEMS is Mojtama Fani Tehran, the largest private college network in Iran with over 70 branches across the country. “While international qualifications have many benefits, perhaps the greatest benefit to Iranian students is the fact they can obtain world class qualifications without leaving the country, giving them the ability to excel and better compete with other job applicants on a global scale,” commented Mr Ali Rahimifard, Managing Director of Mojtama Fani Tehran.

We are pleased that the Mojtama Fani Tehran college network has recognised the benefits of online learning not only for students but also institutions across Iran. “This golden opportunity provides Iranian students with up-to-date and internationally recognised university qualifications at a fraction of the cost and the accessibility to study at their own pace,” added Mr Mohammadreza Darabi, project leader at Mojtama Fani Tehran. “Mojtama Fani Tehran is very proud to be the first private sector institution able to offer these programs in the country and we hope can serve as a stepping stone for Iranians to further excel in their professional careers.”

The growth of online college education.
With online courses gaining precedence, more institutions are incorporating them into the teaching and are realising the impact and weight that this route of education can have. In fact, there has been a rise in the amount of universities and schools that are now offering online learning with more and more students choosing to enrol for these courses each year.

Online learning from the UK provides institutions with tangible results in order to measure their outcomes. Through this, they are able to distinguish an increase in revenue from online courses which is a great incentive for them to continue providing them. Whilst institutions place students at the forefront of their teaching, they are essentially still concerned about costing and the profit that they are making from courses. The future will see more institutions focusing on providing an online education because it has proven to be a viable route that is worth investing in. There will also be an increase in schools that solely provide an online education such as the Online Business School. However, some universities are finding that they are struggling with trying to provide and integrate online learning into the education that they already provide without hindering its quality and potential.

The Council of Independent Colleges and the Learning House carried out a survey of chief academic offices in which they found that faculties often act as a barrier to converting to online learning, due to their lack of acceptance. Where teachers are accustomed to standing in front of a class and projecting information, it can often be difficult to integrate new methods and concepts into their teaching. Therefore, some institutions find that it is often challenging for faculty staff to willingly participate in integrating online learning into existing courses or support the idea of courses being solely taught online.

Many institutions already offer distance-learning degrees or integrate e-learning into their teaching. However, taking the step to commit to a full online course can seem daunting and some universities are still questioning its legitimacy.

A benefit of providing an online education is that it opens up the university internationally. Although international students contribute to a large percentage of the student count at universities, online education provides students abroad with access to the university without having to commit to moving to the UK. This not only means that institutions can accommodate more students but also that these students are able to participate in online learning from the UK. The availability of online courses also allows institutions to cater to more students whilst still ensuring that they are gaining a significant revenue. It creates opportunity for them to offer more varied courses whilst also building a network of global connections. Some universities already have campuses abroad, however providing online courses can allow them to have more visibility.

As the job market also continues to become competitive, more individuals are focused on self-development. Therefore, online education caters to working professionals and many organisations already provide online training to the employees with certifications for software such as Google Adwords and Analytics being provided online. Online business schools are gaining more traffic from people that are already educated and are looking to develop and broaden their skillset, therefore e-learning appears to a wider audience and is often the preferred route.

Due to its recognition and credibility, more institutions will eventually begin to move to providing an online education whether that is through integrating it into pre-existing courses or by introducing new ones entirely. Although it may have to be a case of trial and error for some, online learning is already growing in popularity for countless institutions and is resulting in a large revenue being earned.

Why You Should Choose A Business Degree
Business graduates are one of the few graduates that are in high demand all over the world. With a statement like that, it’s enough to send aspiring university goers clamouring towards the university of their choice to study a course involving business. And it’s true; business degrees are universally in demand. The question is, just why are business degrees so highly coveted?

Starting with the basics; a degree alone makes a candidate far more appealing to a potential employer. It shows they have spent their time and energy focussed on one or more topics over a set period of time and strived to achieve a qualification. It shows that they can manage their time and work alone or as part of a group to reach a shared goal. An online degree with the Online Business School (OBS) combines written assignments and module tests ensuring that students are not just memorising information; but improving their communication skills and also developing their writing skills.

Many courses that are offered at universities tend to focus on that one subject. Students delve deeper and deeper into the course without a real idea of how that will apply in the working world. Yasmin Dees says, ‘My degree in Mathematics fulfilled my interest in maths, however it didn’t really prepare me for employment. Some of the things I do on a day-to-day basis now are so far away from my degree.’ With a diploma in business management, this needn’t be an issue. Business Management diplomas focus on key concepts and a range of management procedures required to work within a business. The tasks that students complete will remain relevant throughout their career. When an employer sees the words ‘Business Management Diploma’ on a CV, they instantly recognise that the candidate has good knowledge of what is required from them and will be more inclined to make them a member of their team.

As more and more business make the transition to go online, students with an online business diploma will be in a highly privileged position. Since their diploma has been studied online, they will already have good working knowledge of technology. As they have studied business management, they will also have learned people management skills in tandem with business functionality. The skills that they possess will ensure they are not tied down to one specific area of business. Those that have studied business management can be flexible in their role; making business management a highly esteemed course choice.

At any stage of a career, a business diploma is guaranteed to freshen up your chances of promotion. If you are already in employment and feel almost as if you are in stagnant role, an online business diploma could be a valuable investment. At under £1000 with the OBS, it may not feel like a huge investment however once your employer realises that you have committed to bettering your career prospects, your employee standings will have gotten just that little bit higher.

How Online Forums Benefit Online Students
Many online education providers make up for the lack of social interaction between students by providing a student forum where the students can communicate and share their ideas. They might want to discuss a particular assignment that they are currently on or get answers to a question that they know they will receive a direct response for. With online education garnering more and more attention along with students, below we discuss the benefits of online forums.

For a course provider, online forums can be a beneficial aid to their courses. Professors can instantly check how engaged their students are by viewing their activity within the forum. The more interested a student is in the course they are studying, the more they will seek out the different information resources available to them. Professor Martin, from the Online Business School (OBS) states, ‘I know who my top students are simply by looking into the online forum. They’ll be the ones engaging in conversation, starting threads and participating regularly. From personal experience, the students who have a good online presence, generally do better than those who don’t.’ Professors can also communicate quickly and efficiently with their students using online forums since all the students are in one place. For students however, online forums are even more beneficial:

Confidence booster

Students who are not as confident in a social environment may find forums help them to be able to have that extra time to put together their response. In a traditional university or a group conversation they perhaps may not share their opinion however an online forum provides them with the freedom to express their ideas. As they offer more input to their discussion online and become comfortable voicing their point of view, it may encourage them to participate in group conversations that are not online.

Gain new skills

It’s not to say that online forums can only benefit those who are lacking in social skills; even those who excel in expressing their opinions in a group conversation can use online forums to hone their listening skills and being able to critique what others have said. Observing how others gather their thoughts and form opinions helps every student to improve their own communication skills. The quality of conversation will often be higher than face-to-face as students know that professors have the ability to access their posts.

Resource library

Regular use of an online forum provides a bank of resources that students may find useful to refer back to. Rather than digging through piles of crumpled paper to look for group discussion notes or hastily written minutes, they can simply scroll back to when the conversation took place to remind themselves of what was said. Some may be reluctant to encourage students to spend more time online however this does not need to be the case. Students can set up their account to receive notifications by email or other preferred contact type.

We can see that forums are a highly valuable tool in the education sector. When used effectively, they ensure that students are improving their communication skills without even being aware they are doing so. Professors can use them to monitor their students and focus their efforts in engaging those students who may not be as present as others. As the online education sector continues to grow, surely the online forum will become the hub of student engagement.

Virtues of An Online Education
Ask any student and they’ll tell you that without a doubt a MBA increases your chances of gaining better employment. According to the Complete University Guide, the number one school in the UK offering MBAs is the London Business School. Almost instantly, the price you would think an MBA costs has doubled if you’re thinking of attending the London Business School. What if you could have an MBA without the excessive cost and all from the comfort of your own home?

The Online Business School (OBS) offer an online MBA that consists of 30 interactive modules and 8 written assignments. Each module has on average 40 guided learning hours that you can complete at your own pace. All the material is available online so you can study this from home or even pick your favourite coffee bar.  An additional 30-50 hours are optional where you can complete the recommended exercises and reading or even carry out the self-testing exercises. This is available at only £1095 and ensures you are qualified to progress on to a MBA top-up degree at a wide range of UK universities. The MBA top up degree comes at an additional cost but you’re certain to receive a quality university experience; combining distance learning and studying on campus. With the OBS, you also get access to 24/7 support plus tutoring making the path to a degree a smooth one.

So why should you choose an online MBA?   

We’ve mentioned cost already and although cost can be an important factor in making a decision, other components should also be considered. For instance, if you’re reasonably busy with a career or just life in general, an online MBA will allow you to study with ease. There’s no commute to worry about, no traffic and definitely no travel fees. If you have children, you can make sure they’re occupied and peruse over your notes whilst still being at home. For the MBA top up, you would have to attend a university campus however you can pick a university that is close to you. With an online MBA, you can also have access to support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Lewis Hern, who is studying the Level 7 in Business Management with OBS cites the student forum the reason as to why he went with the OBS, ‘The OBS provide a student forum where I can ask other students questions. I can get the university social experience from the comfort of my own home.’

With the nature of an online education making it accessible worldwide, an online MBA gives you access to a strong and useful professional network. Whilst sharing ideas in the student forum, you may discover career opportunities all over the world that you may never have previously considered. Online education has a wide range of students and with that comes the wealth of wisdom that can be shared to enhance your university experience and possibly even your career prospects. Students who are too busy and may not otherwise have the time to attend careers fairs and other networking events may find that they do not need to once they have studied online.

So if you’re considering an MBA, don’t discount online education providers. The courses are made to be practical so you can slot them in to your day to day life. If you’re motivated and have the desire to learn, they can be just the right push your career needs. Furthermore, they are available at affordable prices so a traditional university is not the only option you have.

Online learning: How technology is encouraging learners to stay connected?
As we reach the middle of 2016 online learning is becoming more prominent with the popularity and access growing rapidly. There are many benefits that come from Online Learning please click here to see a previous blog of these benefits.

The rise in Online Learning is now appealing to large corporates. Corporates have started to introduce the scheme for their employees to start an online degree. Companies such as Starbucks have now started to offer this which allows  the company to retain employees throughout the completion of the course. The corporations hope that this will make their workplaces more attractive to employers and also aim is to help less skilled employees to gain a degree.

Online Learning has become the new way to gain your degree without all the costs and hassle associated with the traditional degree route. Online learning is a lot more flexible than a normal traditional degree. You don’t have to physically attend a lecture, you don’t have to battle that morning commute, there’s no having to go all the way into campus to hand in your work. Everything is done online including all lessons and all submissions.

Some students feel as though if they study online they won’t have any help and almost feel like they are alone. That is definitely not the case, and with OBS we make sure you are not alone in your journey. There is an interactive social forum which can be used to ask any questions to other students who are completing the same course.

Online Business School support is also available for students around the clock, if any student needs help with work they can request a one on one study session with a tutor at any time. This may help the student feel more comfortable and feel as though they are being assisted as much as they can be throughout their course. We also have our live chat facility on the website which is manned by the OBS team 24/7.

The Online Business School continues to grow daily, not only with the students enrolling with us, but with the technology we are making available to students. Online Business School try their best to give students everything they need to comfortably and successfully complete an Online Degree qualification. The release of the new App is an example of this, not only is this learning from ‘Home’, it’s now been made possible to learn on the move.

To download our app on iOS click here and for Android click here

For more information please visit our website

Why choose UK distance learning courses from OBS over others
We have many inquires as to why people should study with Online Business School, we have compiled a list of the positives as to why students should choose us over any other Online Learning provider. It was difficult to narrow this to just 5 but we have limited it down to what our students best love about us.

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why you should choose OBS over others;

Price – Online Business School offer one of the most affordable Distance Learning Courses worldwide with state of the art material and learning environment.
OBS App – The OBS app gives the student complete freedom, once the lessons have been downloaded. They are free to view the lessons on the go which allows the student to study at their own convenience.
Online study – From start to finish you complete your course online, this is an online university degree, you do not have to physically go anywhere for seminars or exams.
Payment plans – Not only do Online Business School offer the cheapest online courses, we also offer payment plans. This allows the student to pay the course fees on a monthly basis rather than all upfront.
Flexibility – You complete your online degree in your own time, you have the flexibility to choose when/where you want to study. This can be from the comfort of your own home or on your morning commute. There is no need to lose out on any income during the process of the course. This online course is not affecting your full time work in any way.

“The app has hugely helped with work, I can complete my lessons on the go, whenever or wherever I am. I tend to do my lessons on the train journey to work!”

– Aniysha Jaleoka (Kuala Lumper, Malaysia)

Online Business School are working day in day out to make sure our students receive the best quality courses from us. Not only just the best products but everything that comes with this for example the support from the team to our students, the live chat we hold on the the website and the forum online so students can communicate with one another.

This is why you should choose us.

For any more information please Click Here to visit our website

Earn a UK degree without breaking the bank
Ever thought of investing your money into something much more important, like yourself? OBS offer an amazing opportunity for you to gain a UK Online Degree or UK MBA at little costs. With OBS you can save 60% on fees for UK degree or MBA with them today.

Online Business School provides an Online degree pathway course at just £995 and MBA pathway courses at only £1095 with no hidden costs. For those students who’s budget would not cover this cost upfront, OBS offer a flexible monthly interest free payment plan as per student’s convenience.

Not only is the initial fee at a very small cost you will also save money in many other ways compared to psychically going to study, such as;

No commute costs; no wasting money on petrol or public transport.
No lost wages; You can still earn around your studies; this is at your own convenience.
No book costs; You will not need to spend money on materials needed such as books etc
No printer costs; As everything is done online, you will not need to hand any work in psychically.
Online Business School at present offer business and management degrees, OBS are one of the best Distance Learning providers in the UK. This is why currently at Online Business School we have around 5,000 students enrolled from over 50 countries across the world. Due to flexibility and affordability, numbers are growing day by day. So make this the day you change your life and get yourself an affordable UK online degree!

For more information on the courses OBS provide, please do not hesitate to contact us or for anyone who’s looking to receive smaller instalment plans, you can write to our Senior Student Advisor Michele at or can simply call us on 02476 223 940.

What are the main benefits of studying online?
Online Business School offers a complete degree for as little as £5000. OBS offer the first stages of a degree with a cost effective pathway to the final year. You can then “top up” at one of our partner Universities to complete the final part of the degree. This is by far the cheapest and most flexible way to gain a degree from a respected UK University.

Flexibility (Convenience)
Today, many students complain that they cannot afford to study full time at University as the cost is too high. However, it is important to note that when students study online with Online Business School, the overall fee is dramatically reduced and they have the flexibility to manage their own study schedule. So it is possible to continue working whilst working towards your qualification. You will save a lot of money, not only on the academic side of your studies, but also the living expenses associated with on campus study.

Academic Support 24/7
With a 24/7 student networking platform, personal dashboards, 1-2-1 online tutorials, group webinars and bank of pre-recorded group webcasts, the Online Business School provides students with all the support that they need to succeed in developing their professional skill base and achieve a university qualification.

Considering the rapid growth of mobile learning, OBS app has recently launched allowing users to access our resources and study anywhere. Most importantly, the app will create the best learning experience for the OBS students, enabling them to learn on the go.

Top UK University Pathways
With solely online learning for the first two years, this allows the student to study in their own time and continue working not losing out on any income. After two years the student will receive their diploma and then can choose to go onto their top up gaining their full qualification through online study or attend a UK university. Click here to see the University pathways offered by Online Business School.

Social Forum
Once you enrol onto an Online Business School course you will be able to communicate on the Social Forum with other students, helping each other with any problems or any questions you may have. You can gain advice from other students. This gives you the ability to express and see different views within the same topic.

Interactive bitesize modules
Each module consists of approximately 40 guided learning hours. This allows the student to remain engaged within the learning process. This prevents learning becoming tedious, keeping the material fresh making sure we have activities and video footage within the modules. This is an online school without the long lecturers or seminars and giving students a lot of engaging exciting content

Available to all
OBS offer courses to people all over the world, from all different backgrounds. So this International Business School will allow the students to have an opportunity to study and sustain a qualification at an affordable price without having to come over to the UK.

Career Advancement
Students can study our courses whilst working, raising a family, or any other activity that might take up a lot of their time. This can then benefit students by progressing in their current work role once they have received the degree. It will also give a lot of opportunities to people who have a hectic life without having to go to study on campus each day. The students can also apply for more advanced jobs with their degree and begin the career they have always dreamed of.

More of a comfortable learning environment
A huge benefit of the Online Business School is that there are no physical lecturers or seminars. Students will not have to fight that morning commute, miss out on money from a job or miss any family commitments. Students can now study in the comfort of their own home – you can even sit there in your pyjamas completing the modules!

Benefits of Distance Learning
Many people turn to distance learning as the new way of studying, it has the unique benefit of allowing you to develop your career whilst still being in employment.

Distance learning also gives people the opportunity to springboard their way to promotion, maybe begin a new career or just assist them further in their current position. 

UK distance learning courses can also be used to widen and deepen people’s knowledge of their favourite topic. Here at the Online Business School, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of the distance learning programmes that we offer.  All of our programmes allow students to study anywhere, be it from the comfort of their own home or even on the train!  Students do not have to attend any lectures, there is no classroom study thus allowing students to study around their everyday work/family life.

The distance learning programmes that the Online Business School offer all contain a certain amount of modules, once you have studied a module you are then required to take a multiple-choice test.  The multiple-choice test is once again online based and has 30 questions and a time limit of 1 hour.

After all the modules have been completed and all multiple-choice tests have been passed there are then a further 8 assessments need to be taken.  These assessments are based on all the modules that have been covered within the programmes.

Once students join the Online Business School they will have their very own dashboard, this allows them to login and view all the modules, tests and assignments.  The dashboard also contains the social learning forums, enabling students to discuss theories/ new ideas with students that are on the same programmes.

It is not just about the flexibility that the Online Business School prides itself on, affordability is also another very important factor. Many people who have to fund their own studies look at what is on offer and what is best to fit their budget.

Students can choose to pay for their programme in one payment or they have the choice to spread the payments.

if you are looking to study via distance learning then be sure to look at the Online Business School –

Remember that studying for any kind of qualification gives employers the insight that individuals are committed to helping themselves by further developing their skills and knowledge.
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